About Us

The Seed Fund is an Australian organisation, philanthropic in nature, we are not for profit and are privately owned.

Established by musicians Danielle Caruana and John Butler in 2005 The Seed fund is a philanthropic fund, funded by artists for the Australian music arts community. We offer grants annually to bona-fide practicing artists and arts practitioners who are Australian citizens. In November 2012 The Seed received DGR status and is now proud to accept income tax deductible donations.

In Australia there are only a small number of philanthropic organisations that are able to make grants to individuals and we are happy to be one of them.

Our Objectives

The Seed assists Australian artists from any background, creating art and music across any genre, to establish themselves as self-sustaining, professionals. Australia has a dynamic and unique arts community and by empowering artists to create careers we enhance Australia's cultural life.

We have a specific music focus and intend to develop genuine artistic expression both in urban and rural areas of Australia. Through our workshop we mean to establish a link between the emerging and the established, therefore creating a sense of community. Indigenous culture is of particular importance to us.

The Seed Fund was established to raise the arts sector to a level of professionalism and sustainability equitable to other sectors. We provide professional infrastructure and support to enable artists' careers to flourish.

Core Activities

We offer funding annually and since inception in 2005 we have run between 1 and 5 categories per year. Our Management Workshop category, which has run since 2006 is of particular importance to us. We believe that with the knowledge and promotional strategies gained at the workshop, songwriters, musicians and managers can better serve themselves and their artists to contribute to the Australian music community.


The Seed Crew

Danielle Caruana - Founder and Director
Carlo Santone - Steering Committee
Stacia Goninon - Managing Director
John Butler - Founder and Director