The re-invigorated workshop was back in 2019 with an expanded focus. Participants met with peers, facilitators and panelists in a dynamic workshop format which included discussions with leaders and change makers in our industry.

Applications were accepted from artists, artist managers and self-managed artists. The Seed provided and arranged transport, accommodation and meals for all successful applicants. Successful applicants only needed to get themselves to their closest major airport.

"The [Future Makers] Workshop is an unmatched contribution to the Australian music industry…" Kim Williamson, Manager MONKEY MARC, VIC.

"I arrived hoping to enrich my knowledge of the music industry and left feeling like I had actually been rewired. It’s hard to put into words just what a deeply transformational and positive experience it was." Emily Holler, Manager BLACK RABBIT GEORGE, NSW.

"Most life-changing week I have ever experienced... Best thing I have ever done in my life - hands down." Paige Trantham, Self Managed VALENTINE MUSIC, WA.

"The Seed [Future Makers] Workshop transformed me like no other program had before - the environment they created evoked a sense of hope that knowledge or accolades cannot provide."  Udaravi Widanapathirana, Manager MISS BLANKS, HABITS, MERE WOMEN, REBEL YELL, JESSICA SAYS, NSW.

"The clarity and confidence in myself that I feel after the [Future Makers] workshop is immense."  Josh Cutler, Manager ELLI SCHOEN, BRAYDEN SIBBALD, WA.

"The Seed Fund [Future Makers] Workshop was the game changer everyone had talked about."  Hayley Ayres Manager JACOB DIAMOND, WA.

"The Seed Fund [Future Makers] Workshop causes you to look inward and assess your core values, and in turn this will have a substantial impact on how you operate your business."  Damien Platt, Manager APPROACHABLE MEMBERS OF YOUR LOCAL COMMUNITY, RACHEL MARIA COX, JUNO DISCO AND TULLIAH, VIC.

"I am a better, and more well-oiled professional after The Seed [Future Makers] Workshop." Toby Finlayson, Manager B-TOWN WARRIORS, NSW

"The Seed [Future Makers Workshop] was truly a life-affirming experience...empowering the music industry to create fearlessly and support that art with sustainable business skills. It’s the perfect yin-yang balance between art and commerce."  Will Cuming, Self Managed LANKS, NSW.


Stacia Goninon